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What is Veer?

Veer is changing the recruitment landscape for the better.

We're making it our mission to rebuild the world's recruitment infrastructure from the ground up, questioning every assumption and belief about how these systems should work in pursuit of the best user experience, from career discovery to interviews. We want to create beautiful, engaging and thoughtful tools that can help you hone in on the right role, find companies that excite you and land the career of your dreams.

Our story

How does it work?

Veer is powered by the latest advancements in AI. Using a huge dataset of over 50 million real UK jobs from the past 25 years, our search engine is trained to understand the job landscape, and allows you to find what you're looking for without having to rely on specific keywords or phrases.

What can I type in?

Veer Search makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. You can type anything you like into the search box, and our AI-based search will try to surface the most relevant jobs based on the meaning of your query.

You could include job titles, your skills, the kind of office you want to work in, or the values of your ideal company.

While the results are not always going to be completely accurate, our search engine purposefully casts a wider net around the jobs that you may find relevant, interesting or surprising.

Who is Veer for?

Anybody can use Veer Search. Our primary focus is to help students and newcomers to the job market understand what opportunities are available to them, though it can also be used by experienced professionals looking for their next big career move, or people re-entering the job market after a hiatus.